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With all of the progress occurring throughout our region, you may be wondering why you should invest in the growth and prosperity of the Peoria area.

Helping to create and sustain a strong economic environment in our community is important for us now and for our families in the future. Contributing to organizations that attract new business to the area, and provide important services to the existing businesses, benefits you in a variety of ways:

• Providing more suppliers and customers for your business
• Keeping your property taxes low by expanding the tax base
• Improving the business climate both locally and within the state
• Attracting a larger pool of workers to the area
• Creating an attractive, diverse environment for families and ensuring a vibrant quality of life

The Economic Development Council for Central Illinois (EDC) provides assistance and counseling to both new and existing businesses. This means you may receive confidential, free assistance in areas such as: financing, regulatory issues, site and building locations, education and training programs, import/export assistance and demographic information. The EDC is working constantly to identify opportunities to help grow and retain existing businesses by monitoring the economic well-being of the region. The EDC attracts new business by identifying the region’s core competencies and then targeting key industries that would benefit by locating in our region.

The Peoria Area Chamber of Commerce works on behalf of the business community to improve the climate for doing business locally. That can include everything from providing opportunities for businesses to gain more customers through trade shows and networking to lobbying elected officials on tax or regulatory issues. The Chamber provides education and training to your employees, offers valuable business information that can improve your bottom line and draws people together into collaborations that can assess and solve community problems that are important to you and your business.

Contributing to the organizations of The Heartland Partnership will help to keep this region building. A Chamber membership or EDC investment is not only a good business decision but a sound investment in the community in which your children will work and live in the future.

Support our common interest of a robust regional economy and great community wealth with your contribution and involvement in the Peoria Area Chamber of Commerce and the Economic Development Council for Central Illinois. IBI