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Add five community leader organizations, the collective energies of our region's key promotional engines, years of research and benchmarking, a complex technology infrastructure, and hundreds of hours in development, and what you have is a collaboration unlike any this region has seen before. What we've created through this collaboration is truly a resource for our region-one our communities will derive benefits from for years to come. is a regional Web portal that serves as a tool to better position the Peoria area for business, economic development, job placement, real estate, and tourism. This unique partnership consists of the Economic Development Council for Central Illinois (EDC), Peoria Chamber of Commerce, Peoria Area Convention and Visitors Bureau, Peoria Area Association of Realtors®, and Workforce Network. Believed to be the first of its kind in Illinois, the partnership leverages the power of five major community organizations responsible for the promotion and enhancement of our region in the interest of forming a unified presence for the Peoria region on the Web.

This initiative has been years in the making. Dating back to 1998-and possibly farther-leaders in this community identified a need for a portal from which to access information easily about our region and its offerings. Among the many catalysts for the ultimate development of is the deep and fundamental need for a face for the Peoria region and its new, dynamic, and evolving economies and identity. No longer just a single metropolitan area in the heart of the agricultural Midwest or a manufacturing icon for central Illinois, the communities of the Peoria region have independent and constantly evolving identities that must be represented on the Web. creates a unified brand presence for the Peoria area on the Internet and serves as the area's online promotional voice. The sophisticated Web design targets existing members of the community, job-seekers, prospective businesses and their employees, homebuyers, and potential college students.

This portal carries with it a broad base of strong support from the community. Many of the Talent Force 21 Challenge Teams identified a need for a community portal in their planning process. Companies from around the region have chosen to advertise on the portal, understanding the benefits that they and the community derive from its powerful functionality. The board leadership and management teams of our five partner organizations, including key leaders from both the public and private sector, have committed their support to this initiative. is an investment in the future of this region, and our leaders have acknowledged it as such.

In many other communities, portals come and portals go. Without the magical element of functionality, there's nothing to keep users coming back to the site. And without regular users and functionality, the message is lost and a portal's constituents aren't served.

The unique aspect of is that there's real functionality at work. provides a multitude of information and services for users, with the information divided into five user-friendly categories: Live, Work, Play, Shop, and Learn. The portal offers more than 3,300 local Web sites in the "community collection" and enables users to link to more than 40,000 credible Web sites in the "global collection." Users can view the latest news, weather, and sports; find job and business opportunities; look for a Realtor® and the latest listing of homes on the market; and check out special community events, restaurants, and shops-all in one spot.

On behalf of all five of our partner organizations, we're honored to bring you this spectacular tool. promotes our region, it brings a new level of functionality to Web searches, and it's leveraged the resources of our key civic promotional groups in a way this region has never seen before. Give it a try, and, most importantly, let us know what you think. We're excited for you to Discover Peoria with us. IBI