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The summer breeze on your face, the smell of turf, and the occasional ball in a sand trap are all part of business networking and exposure. For decades, clients have been treated to a round of golf, dinner, and cocktails. An entire day would be spent interacting with just a few people, but now a growing trend maximizes efforts to conduct business in the relaxed environment of golf. The business golf outing is a tool being used by many business people today to meet potential clients and build lasting relationships and friendships.

Golf outings bring anywhere from a few dozen to 100 people together, which can mean a variety of networking opportunities for the participants. Golfers are able to gain insight into each another’s personalities and create a history with people through shared experiences. Also, taking advantage of sponsoring various aspects of the golfing event has proven beneficial to companies by increasing exposure and opening many doors for new business.

On July 20 and 21, the Peoria Area Chamber of Commerce brings you our Golf Outing, followed by an evening reception with food, prizes, and more networking. Whether you participate in a foursome or as an individual, just being involved will prove to be a great value professionally, and you’ll have lots of fun. There will be opportunities to try your luck—or skill—at various games including a putting green. Raffle tickets also are available.

So lace up your golf cleats, bring your golf balls and clubs, and come network. Take advantage of this year’s Golf Outing, and build relationships that will build your business. For more information, visit IBI