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Last summer, there was a common thread running through the entire region. No matter where you worked or where you were headed, we all were maneuvering through the work zone. There was much going on in the many interconnected work zones and construction areas dotting the landscape. Hope and promise were the overriding sentiments. With every construction cone, cement truck, and steel beam, we recognized signs of growth and prosperity in Peoria. The entire region was a work zone in both a literal and figurative sense. Plans were being made and initiatives were breaking ground. You could see the beginnings of projects we knew would greatly enhance our landscape.

Thus, the theme of The Heartland Partnership 2005-06 Annual Meeting last June was “The Work Zone—Building On and Building Up.”

One year later, take another look at the horizon of our region. The bridge is open, and traffic moves freely through much of the urban areas. Where last year we saw an immense interstate reconstruction project, this year we’re seeing another welcome sign of progress. Cranes dot the horizon, representing the steady progress of many monumental developments taking place throughout the area. On both sides of the river and throughout central Illinois, we’re evolving into the next phase: a healthy progression from the work zone to something more.

Plans have been set in motion and foundations are being set in stone as our progress merges us swiftly onto the road of growth, prosperity, and community wealth. The Heartland Partnership, EDC, and Peoria Area Chamber of Commerce are driving forces in the region, steering promising initiatives forward in a positive direction of economic growth.

This year, our annual theme is about the progress that’s been made in the work zone and the many people who made the commitment to take the wheel. Together, we’re driving forward.

Our communities are moving swiftly on this road of growth, and at this year’s annual meeting, we’ll take some exits along the way to point out a few of the areas of activity in our tri-county region while showing some of the initiatives underway in the areas of research, education, business, innovation, culture, and leadership.

So grab your map, fasten your seatbelt, and ride with us as we journey through the progress in the work zone. The annual meeting, “Driving Forward: Progress in the Work Zone,” takes place from 11:15 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., June 15, at the Peoria Civic Center. The annual meeting is designed for the community—a dynamic and powerful celebration showcasing how The Heartland Partnership family of companies and businesses and organizations from throughout the region are driving growth, prosperity, and community wealth throughout the greater Peoria region. For more information, call 495-5925 or visit or IBI