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The demographics of the workplace are undergoing a dramatic change. Already, according to, 11 percent of the active workforce is more than 56 years old, a percentage which will grow steadily as baby boomers age. Organizations must prepare now for the steady departure of their most experienced people in huge numbers.

On the heels of retiring boomers, Generation X (now ages 25 to 38) will provide a shrinking pool of prime-age workers. And even with the modest increase in workforce population among Generation Y (now ages 16 to 24) there simply won’t be enough young workers to fill the void that will be left. As a result, most organizations will face a serious shortage of workers. This is especially true of skilled workers; already, shortages in health care, government, education, transportation, nonprofit sectors, and manufacturing have reached near-crisis levels.

So what can your organization do to prepare for the generational shift in the workforce? 

Also, we must be aware of some recent research that warns of the side effects of multi-tasking and related efforts to increase productivity. If our employees are our most important asset, we must treat them as such. IBI