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Now that the Democrats have taken a slim lead in controlling the Senate following one Republican Senator’s defection, the class warfare public relations spin campaign is out in full force—with Senate leaders claiming the evil Republicans want to "starve the poor and feed the rich." It was most evident in the recent tax cut debate.

The new Senate leader was on TV recently stating we will have to dip into social security and Medicare funds to pay the rich their share of the Bush Administration’s recently-passed tax cut. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Now the Patient’s Bill of Rights discussions—and its costly impact on business—is the next issue that will be spun by the Democrats—and nobody knows what wild claims will be made as they relish in their role of Senate leaders.

The use of class warfare spins related to any patients’ rights discussion is especially cruel when very little, if any, of the "laws" being discussed will have any meaningful impact on improving patient care.

Maybe we are spoiled here in central Illinois to have three excellent medical facilities—and a majority—if not all—of area citizens have access to that care.

I would not be surprised to learn that people across the U.S. feel the same about this issue as I do. So what’s the big deal? Why a Patient’s Bill of Rights? It all comes down to power and control—who will win the next big election, the Senate, the House, and the White House.

So the class warfare spin doctors zero in on social security, Medicare and Medicaid, and health care. Their goal is to scare various groups of voters into believing their class or income level must be protected by the supposed benevolent party in Washington—the Democrats—who will give them all they need to survive.

There is hope on the horizon the Great American Dream will be what the majority of people want—working hard to achieve their dreams and get what they want out of life. What they don’t want is for the government to take care of them—now or in the future.

The Great American Dream is also called being responsible for yourself and your actions, no excuses. Let’s do all we can to make that happen. IBI