A Publication of WTVP

Peoria NEXT is being recognized at the international level for its innovation in technology commercialization and entrepreneurship. We hosted international guests in April and May, globally expanding our networking connections.

Tekes, the main government financing and expert organization for research and technological development in Finland, visited Peoria in May. The group’s emphasis is on technology commercialization, representing academic, government and business interests.

During their stay in Peoria, the Finnish business leaders visited Bradley University, the Peoria NEXT Innovation Center and Caterpillar. They were able to see firsthand the steps we have taken to increase our innovative capacity. The visitors wanted to learn more about what we are doing in the areas of technology commercialization and how we are building an entrepreneurial culture. Members were most interested in Peoria NEXT’s ability to use public, private and academic networks to generate entrepreneurial activity.

In April, Peoria NEXT hosted Chinese Ambassador to the United States Zhou Wenzhong. He also expressed an interest in the technology commercialization process we are developing. In addition, the Chinese Ambassador wanted to learn more about opportunities for international growth.

We hope these visits are the first of many, as we’d like to further expand our international connections in the future. IBI