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I am excited to announce that IMEC and Vistage International— the largest CEO membership organization in the world—are joining forces to help business leaders improve decision making and performance.

“Vistage and IMEC will make a great collaboration,” said Arne Stegvik, President of ABA of America Inc., a four-year member of Vistage. “Vistage has helped me see things at the strategic level, and IMEC works with me to execute the strategy.” Since joining Vistage, Stegvik’s hose clamp and fluid systems business has expanded two-fold.

The program will be an excellent way for leaders to collaborate on how to grow their companies. Vistage has proven to help them generate more revenues and increase their effectiveness as company leaders. IMEC shares this mission as well.

The Vistage model revolves around the formation of “groups” of member CEOs and business leaders who meet regularly to gain fresh perspectives and find new solutions through a unique combination of peer group meetings, one-to-one coaching, expert workshops and access to “members only” expertise. For the past several months, an IMEC specialist has had extensive training in preparation to become a Vistage group facilitator or “chair.” In this role, IMEC will facilitate group interaction, mentor the members and coordinate problem solving.

Vistage International’s 14,000 members generate nearly $300 billion in annual revenue and have more than 2.1 million employees in 16 countries. This collaboration aligns with IMEC’s push to provide deeper, advisory consultation to business leaders who want to take their companies to a new level.

IMEC Board Director Ed Wolbert, President of Transco Products, has also seen his business grow due to involvement in Vistage and IMEC. “My Vistage group helps me identify issues early and keeps me accountable for my decisions,” Wolbert said. He added that IMEC’s continuous improvement resources help accelerate the implementation of strategies that come from his involvement in the Vistage group. “Our revenues have grown 300 percent in four years. Both organizations are a great resource for me.”

For more on the IMEC-Vistage collaboration, contact Bob Weinstein at 677-2261 or visit IBI