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It’s a new year. Retail sales are bogged down in returns and exchanges. Business-to-business sales should be hitting the ground running, but sales people often are “getting ready to get ready.” Last week, a salesperson mentioned January’s prospecting would have to wait until internal planning meetings were finished. Unfortunately, this salesperson isn’t very detail oriented, so November and December were spent compiling this projection information. “It’s too soon after the holiday season,” he said. “Everything is focused on internal issues.”

“You’re going to have a long year,” I thought.

If I had spoken with him in July, I suspect I would have heard, “Everyone’s on vacation this time of year. My sales always go down in the summer.”

These are examples of the predominant, underlying reason most sales and business development professionals fail to reach their full potential: Head Trash. That’s my term for self-limiting beliefs and notions bouncing around our heads we think are true, and that will become true due to our action or inaction. They become self-fulfilling prophecies.

See if you recognize yourself or anyone you know in this list of common Head Trash.

Determining and overcoming our Head Trash can lead to dramatic, positive results, but it takes serious effort and commitment. You might start by making a list of all of the issues keeping you from doubling your sales volume and profitability. Ask yourself which of them are truly facts, and which are opinions. Eliminating and replacing those self-limiting beliefs will change your life.

Try this new belief system: Now is a great time of year to be selling. Other salespeople are trying to get ready to get ready after the holidays, so I’ll stand out. People are anxious to make changes at the beginning of the year, so they’re more responsive to me. This is going to be my best January ever. IBI