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Dr. Stephen Bash & Patricia Bash
2003 Heart of Illinois United Way Campaign Chairs

We believe every man, woman, and child can make a difference in the life of another. That’s why, as active volunteers in the community, we’ve agreed to chair the 2003 Heart of Illinois United Way campaign.

The Heart of Illinois United Way brings together people from business, labor, government, health, and human services to address our community’s vast needs. Each year, more than 5,000 committed volunteers give their time and talents to work together to better the quality of life in central Illinois.

From raising money to making sure it gets where it’s needed the most, the United Way’s volunteer team defines good stewardship, dedication, and efficiency. Together, these volunteers focus our community’s efforts to nurture our youth, strengthen local families, build self-reliance in others, and promote healthy lives.

United Way-funded youth programs help our children physically, emotionally, and socially by improving grade levels, development skills, relationships, and much more. You can see United Way dollars hard at work in day care, tutoring, mentoring, after school, and counseling programs.

Local families are strengthened through United Way programs that help them to function successfully in the community by providing social, health, emergency, and educational resources. United Way dollars support counseling, crisis intervention, and emergency shelter programs, as well as family-oriented activities.

Building self-reliance in others is so important to a community on a variety of levels. United Way dollars are at work day in and day out, helping people live on their own and by assisting them in gaining the skills they need to get through life. There are so many programs that benefit from United Way assistance: employment services, transitional housing, home delivered meals, special transportation, counseling, tutoring, GED test preparation, and much more.

Every day, United Way health care agencies help those in need of medical care throughout central Illinois. Their programs help these individuals lead healthier and safer lifestyles by preventing deterioration and promoting healthy behaviors. United Way dollars are at work, constantly helping with community clinics, home health care, disease management, education, emergency response services, nutritional meals, and so much more.

Working together is fundamental to a nurturing, strong, reliable, and healthy quality of life in central Illinois. Our community’s health and human service needs continue to outweigh the funds available each year, and your assistance is needed now more than ever.

Why give the ’united way’? For all of the reasons listed above; plus, money raised through the Heart of Illinois United Way stays in our community, helping our co-workers, neighbors, friends, and family through services provided in Peoria, Tazewell, Woodford, Marshall, Stark, and Putnam counties. Gifts to the United Way demonstrate dedication to the goal of helping others and an investment in the community we call home.

Please join us in making central Illinois a stronger, healthier place to live. We invite you to help us get things done. IBI