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Today’s human service workplace is demanding, and agencies that use creative approaches that ensure the best use of their budgets and collaboration are fast becoming the answer. Collaborative efforts are used in both for-profit and nonprofit industries, guaranteeing clients receive the best services possible-including services that are timelier and more cost effective for all involved.

For the human service industry, it’s becoming evident that it isn’t efficient to serve numerous clients-and sometimes the same clients-with several separate, independently run programs from numerous agencies, thereby creating a duplication of efforts.

Several examples of collaboration are taking place throughout our community. Here are a few highlights from agencies saving dollars by working together: 

While these are just a few of the collaborations taking place throughout central Illinois, finding new ways to deliver services is on the forefront as our agencies face the challenges of serving more clients with diminishing resources. By working together, agencies are creating ways to increase their efficiency, save dollars in their operational budgets, and enhance client services. IBI