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During the holidays, more so than other times of the year, we shouldn’t underestimate the importance of the smallest of personal touches. Whether we’re thanking a donor, customer, or an employee for their support, saying "thank you" can make all of the difference in the success of your organization.

We’ve all read about, or been a part of, recognition programs at some point in our lives. From the penmanship and perfect attendance awards we received in grade school to honor rolls in later academic pursuits, we feel good about ourselves when others notice we’ve done something important for ourselves and others.

As a leader in the nonprofit sector, excellence in what we do depends on the philanthropic spirit of individuals, businesses, and foundations. We gratefully recognize the contributions of our donors at special events, in our publications, and through plaques and certificates. It’s so important for nonprofit organizations to have a structured donor appreciation program that recognizes the generosity of our donors-because just like stockholders in major corporations, we wouldn’t be in business without them.

Giving thanks and expressing appreciation is also a major factor in motivating employees. With holiday festivities well underway, now is a good time to look at the recognition program your company or organization has in place. These programs are vital to the success of any business because they make your employees feel good about working for your company, and this translates into a profitable bottom line.

Appreciation should be regarded as an investment because it leads to greater donor, customer, and employee satisfaction. It also allows organizations to attract the financial assistance and loyalty needed for a competitive edge in today’s market. Saying thank you can lead to greater rewards by motivating our constituents, retaining their support, and, in the end, attracting new individuals to our business.

This holiday season, celebrate your successes by expressing your appreciation to the individuals and groups who’re dedicated and loyal to our organization-and remember, keep ahead of your competition by never forgetting the power of this simplest of personal touches.

So on behalf of the Heart of Illinois United Way, thank you. And here’s to a safe, peaceful, and happy New Year. IBI