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Living independently matters, having a job matters, enjoying a warm meal matters, feeling safe matters, and, most importantly, having the strength to be self-reliant matters. This strength comes in many forms and can be acquired in many ways, but no matter what, it's an important value to our community.

Helping adults live on their own and gaining needed life skills are vital to building self-reliance. Programs that center on planning, taking action, and setting goals help individuals to take the necessary steps to become self-reliant.

Whether it's going back to school or learning money management, there are many services available, including childcare, so parents can go to work or school; job training that includes learning resume writing and interview skills; and employment services that link individuals with available positions throughout the community.

Self-reliance programs are for all ages and stages-helping them fulfill their potential. These programs also help individuals develop long-term skills and behaviors that lead to an improved quality of life for them, their families, and their community.

From helping seniors live independently to helping those with physical and mental disabilities find employment and homes, it's important that our community be an active and visible participant in helping others.

Current efforts through local social service agencies are focused on what matters to others reaching for success and self-reliance. These efforts include education, job training, and support services for agencies' clients. They also include working with employers to make training available, removing the barriers to workforce participation, and, most importantly, working together to make the goal of self-reliance attainable for all.

Individuals sometimes require assistance to get back on their feet. Anything from the loss of a job or an illness to a lack of educational or job training opportunities can make life more difficult than it otherwise would be. Questions about where to go and how to proceed during these times can be difficult to answer. Our community continues to focus on what matters and helping others reach their self-reliance goals. IBI