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The strength of our community rests in the hands of us all. Through the Heart of Illinois United Way’s annual campaign, we come together as a community to focus on results—results you can see in the eyes of a child, a mother and father reading with their children, or a senior living in her own home. That’s why, as an active member of this community, I’m honored to chair our United Way’s 2005 campaign.

We’re fortunate to have a comprehensive network of services funded through the United Way that helps keep us strong. Each year, we unite a network of business leaders, labor organizations, government offices, and health and human service agencies to work together towards a community where children are reaching their full potential and where people are healthy and fed.

When donors give to the Heart of Illinois United Way, they don’t have to choose between helping children or seniors or between providing a warm meal or a safe home. That’s because, each year, countless volunteers from diverse segments of the community evaluate local programs and needs to ensure contributions to the United Way are making the greatest impact possible—results you can see.

Through 101 locally funded programs, more than 1,000 people receive United Way assistance every day. Often, people who never expected to need help from a United Way-funded program find they’re looking for assistance, which may come from one program or several programs. Collaboration is fundamental in nurturing a strong quality of life in central Illinois and meeting our community’s health and human service needs.

United Way-funded programs meet a variety of needs, such as helping youth improve development skills and helping families by providing emotional, educational, and emergency services. Others become self-reliant while they learn to live on their own and gain life skills. And many individuals lead healthier lifestyles because of health services and education funded by the United Way.

Just as we count on others to achieve results at work, the United Way is counting on your leadership. Your contribution and your co-workers’ contributions to the United Way demonstrate an investment in the community you live and work in each day. Your support is a commitment to a higher quality of life. Please join us as we make positive change in central Illinois. IBI