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The life of human resource professionals can be pretty stressful. There are the obvious challenges of recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and benefits administration, as well as the occasional challenges of workplace harassment, etc. Add in a difficult economy for workers, and you have an edgy HR department. The work load can be so overwhelming that HR professionals often feel they try to stuff 10 pounds of work into a five-pound bag. As the saying goes: “overworked and underpaid.” But there also is a lot of fun within the industry. There has to be—humans are involved.

One Web site that promotes this aspect is “Resumania” is a term to describe errors and gaffes made by job seekers on resumes, applications, and cover letters. Although the bloopers are a lot of fun, Resumania claims the purpose of the Web site is to emphasize the importance of professionalism in resume preparation. As they correctly point out, just one typo may knock a candidate out of the running for a job. Below are a few examples from the Web site. Enjoy.

Cover letter resumanias:

Miscellaneous resumanias:

Personal resumanias:

Qualifications resumanias:


References resumanias:


Skills resumanias: