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Last month’s column was the first of two that delve into the details of choosing a staffing partner. It offered suggestions on determining the level of service your business needs, getting references on the staffing service, how to research the staffing firm, and why price shouldn’t be the only decisive factor. Below are a few more tips to make your selection process easier.

• Find out how employees are matched to an assignment. It’s important that a staffing service take into account a person’s skills and personality when placing someone on assignment. This will ensure that both the employee and the customer have a satisfying, productive experience.

• Inquire about the company’s recruiting techniques. Ask if they use Internet, radio, or newspaper. Consider if they have partnerships with social service agencies that have relationships with people seeking work. If you have niche positions, determine if the staffing service has the capability to find a person with a less-common skill set. Ask what their recruiting methods are on a local, regional, and national level to see how well equipped they are to find the staff you need.

• Get a firm understanding of the company’s employee screening process. Do they check references? Does the company meet and interview every candidate in person? A reputable company will verify the skills and experience an employee claims to have.

• Make sure the staffing service you choose is financially established and committed to the community. Consider how many years the operation has been in business. Ask if they’re involved in any local organizations such as the chamber of commerce or a business development group. Community participation is a sign the company is invested in the local economy and working toward making the community a good place to do business now and in the future.

• Determine if the staffing service’s geographic footprint is a good fit for your needs. If your company has offices in Detroit, Chicago, and St. Louis that all utilize temporary staff, it’s much more convenient to partner with one staffing company with offices in each of those locations. If your business’ temporary staffing needs are more local in nature, make sure the company is knowledgeable about the nuances of the local market.

As previously stated, choosing a staffing service is an important decision for any company. The time invested to choose the right staffing company that best fits your business will save you money, time, and headaches in the long run. Good luck with your search. IBI