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A recent issue of Newsweek launched a series of special reports on how cutting-edge technologies will transform the way we work and live.

One of the articles discusses the "Jobs of the Future," focusing on the exploding new field of bioinformatics—a combination of high-powered computing and biology that intends to revolutionize the health care industry. These $100,000-a-year jobs are available at bioinformatics start-ups, pharmaceutical and technology companies.

The employees in this field will be instrumental in allowing pharmaceutical companies to cut years off the drug discovery process, and allow doctors to customize medicines based on genetic make-up. One study estimates the industry will need 20,000 workers by 2005.

It’s not yet clear if the tri-County area will have a high demand for such employees, but it’s certain the local health care industry will be affected by their work.

Some of the other career paths mentioned in the article, however, will definitely be in demand. The magazine discusses seven other careers they consider to be hot.

They include:

It’s pretty obvious the tri-County area already has a high demand for most of these types of employees already. Such demand will probably continue for some time, slowing economy or not. It underlines the fact that the central Illinois area experiences needs similar to the rest of the country.

Therefore, if you want to get a good barometer of the employment outlook for the nation as a whole, you need not look further than the tri-County area. IBI