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There are no full-time, permanent jobs. None. Not any. The "permanent" description is a misnomer that the working world created to give employees a feeling of job security. However, one only has to look at the news lately to watch so-called permanent workers lose their jobs much like a contract or temporary employee.

In fact, some companies are letting permanent workers go instead of contract workers.

The reality is that every job is a temporary job regardless of who you work for. Full-time and permanent generally makes people feel that the position is long-term, at one company and one location. Nevertheless, what if two people, one working for a company and one for an agency, are doing a similar job for similar pay for 10 years. If both employees are let go at the same time, who really was the contract worker and who was the permanent worker? It can be hard to tell.

There obviously are differences between the permanent and contract employee style of work life. Some people cannot envision working in a contract job. However, some contractors would not dream of any other work life. What, then, are the benefits to being a contract worker?

There are many benefits, including:

These are just some of the reasons why employees enjoy the contracting way of life. Although it may not be for everyone, for some, it is perfect. And, as we say in the agency world, "don’t take life too hard, it’s only temporary." IBI