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There are many publications available to the job seeker that provide accurate and detailed job hunting information. In fact, there is so much information out there that it may be more overwhelming than helpful. The following recommended reading list is just a narrow sample of the books that will help you sort through the complexities of today’s job market, along with a few focused on helping the job hunter understand the electronic marketplace.

What Color is Your Parachute?
Bolles, Richard Nelson; Ten Speed Press

Best-selling job book in the world. It is updated annually by Bolles, who is regarded as the most widely-read and influential leader in the career planning field and as America’s top career expert. Accompanying website:

Knock ‘Em Dead
Yate, Martin; Adams Media Corporation

Martin Yate, America’s leading advocate for working professionals, guides you through the entire process of finding a job—from assembling your resume to negotiating your salary. Accompanying website:

The Perfect Interview: How to Get the Job You Really Want
Drake, John; Fine Communications

The Perfect Interview shows you how to prepare for an interview by learning about your prospective employers, developing questions for them and building your psychological confidence. It also includes a simple, practical guide for dressing for an interview. You’ll find detailed descriptions of introductory, follow-up, semi-final and final interviews. Examples of typical questions abound, as well as advice on answering them.

Whitcomb, Susan Britton, Kendall, Pat; McGraw-Hill Professional

Learn how to use the Internet to reveal where the jobs are, how to make resumes available around the clock and how to inform the right people about one’s job skills. Whitcomb has also published other books, such as Interview Magic, on the subject.

College Grad Job Hunter: Insider Techniques and Tactics for Finding a Top-Paying Entry Level Job Krueger, Brian; DIANE Publishing Corporation

This book is packed with over 200 different techniques and tactics, any one of which will make a significant impact on a job search. There are many new and fresh ideas which can be put into immediate action. Accompanying website:

Kick Off Your Career
Wendleton, Kate; Career Press Incorporated

Kick Off Your Career is full of exercises and assessment techniques to help you figure out which career is best for you. This book is for every college student, recent grad and new professional who is concerned about the future and aware of the tight job market they are entering. Accompanying website: IBI