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It is an understatement to say employee recruiting has changed extensively over the last five years.

By far, the main change in the business community during that time has been the advent of Web site recruiting.

Many small companies use Web recruiting of some sort, but what are the large corporations doing?

When polled, most people in the local human resources world assumed nearly 100 percent of the Global 500 corporations are Web recruiting. But they are incorrect.

iLogos Research conducts an annual survey of Global 500 corporations and how they incorporate Internet recruiting into their typical hiring strategy.

The survey includes the largest corporations in the world based on gross revenue, and segments the information by three regions: Europe, Asia-Pacific and North America. Though the study shows a steady annual increase in adoption of corporate Web site recruiting by Global 500 corporations, they still fall short of perfection.

The survey said Global 500 Web recruiting increased from 29 percent in 1998, to 60 percent in 1999, 79 percent in 2000, and 88 percent in 2001.

The largest increase occurred among Global 500 corporations located in the Asia-Pacific region, with an increase of 20 percent over the last year, to 88 percent of Asia-Pacific Global 500 corporations. European corporations saw an increase in online recruiting of 10 percent, to 83 percent of European Global 500 corporations.

North American corporations, in contrast, increased just 1 percent, to 93 percent of North American Global 500 corporations.

For the most part, the percentage discrepancies are due to different acceptance philosophies of the Internet in various regions of the world.

It is still hard to believe 12 percent of these leading corporations are still outstanding. Nevertheless, iLogos expects nearly 100 percent of the Global 500 will utilize corporate Web sites for recruiting in 2002, with a few late adopters coming in 2003. They base this argument on the survey, which reveals all Global 500 corporations now have a corporate Web site, with only the 12 percent not using it for recruiting purposes.

Overall, the results of the 2001 survey confirm the world’s largest corporations, including those in central Illinois, recognize the importance of Web recruiting.

This process will continue to evolve as corporations use newer integrated technologies to marry their front-end Web sites with back-end automation solutions.

These new systems will automate the recruiting process, bringing more efficiency into corporate hiring practices. Such efficiencies will continue to be important to large or global corporations where talent management and communication is key. IBI