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Both holy day and holiday, it reminds us where we came from, and what we need to be to survive.

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Linda Gates

‘She’s just getting started’

The passion Lisa Gates has for Peoria is palpable. Now the vice president of marketing and communications at RLI Insurance, Gates is exuberant in talking about her childhood growing up

Ottawa cityscape and river view

Opportunistic Ottawa

The present embraces the past in scenic, historic river town. Ottawa has been called one of the “10 small towns in Illinois that offer nothing but peace and quiet.”   

The Arc Light Madrigal Singers

The Community of Theater

Arc Light Productions goes where others won’t, celebrates 15 years with its annual madrigal dinner. Fifteen years ago, Jeff Driscoll and Rachel Roderick started Arc Light Productions with $20 and

Barb Drake

‘She planted the seed’

As a crusading journalist, Barb Drake made more than headlines: She helped shape the Peoria we know today. Barb Drake relishes discussing her interview with feminist icon Betty Friedan. Please.

Pam Howe

The Road Less Traveled

Pam Howe has taken an unusual route to leadership in the banking world. Pam Howe hasn’t always taken the conventional road, but as executive vice president of Commerce Bank in

Julie Maag is owner and chef at Rhythm Kitchen Music Cafe.

Mom rules the restaurant roost

Rhythm Kitchen’s Julie Maag says motherhood prepared her well for the restaurant business. From one woman to another, Rhythm Kitchen Music Café appears to be in good hands. Motherly hands,

Another Landmark Learning Opportunity

Peorian Preston Jackson’s Freedom Suits Memorial reveals a chapter of St. Louis’ long-forgotten history. As an artist, Preston Jackson has become a historian. The Peoria sculptor and painter often strives

Talking Christmas Tree

When Christmas trees spoke to us

Meet the inaugural voice behind the legendary Bergner’s Talking Christmas Tree. In the above 1977 photo, 5-year-old Jennifer Zenzen poses next to the Bergner’s Talking Christmas Tree at Sheridan Village. The

Renae Kerrigan

Get to know the planet next door

Peoria Riverfront Museum planetarium director Renae Kerrigan has long had her eyes on the sky. Renae Kerrigan never gets tired of looking up. As planetarium director at Peoria Riverfront Museum, she’s not

captive reindeer

But a miniature sleigh, and 10 tiny reindeer…

Meet Mistletoe, Holly, Sparky, Snowball, Griswold, Kringle, Sugar Plum, Marshmallow, Cocoa and Kluger. The idea seemed almost ludicrous, the kind of offbeat notion that might make sense only in a

Reising Shepler Book Lola and the Tree of Life

Lola and the Tree of Life

Illustrated book helps children—and adults, too—cope with grief. Everyone experiences grief. It can bring overwhelming physical and emotional suffering. While mental health professionals say this is a natural response to

snow covered trees

‘Here I am. Take me.’

There’s a magic to picking the right Christmas tree, say those who’ve been growing/selling them since World War II. The seeds of a 21st century holiday tradition for many in central

Business News in Brief

Business News – In Brief | December 2022

Click on photos to enlarge HIRES AND RETIRES Scurry Miller assumed the role of president and CEO of Children’s Home Association of Illinois effective Nov. 14. He replaces Matt George,

All cheer Peoria’s glass-ceiling gladiators

Welcome to Peoria Magazine’s December edition, in which we introduce some of the most influential women in central Illinois and highlight the contributions they have made and continue to, often

Christmas Macaron Tower

Christmas Macaron Tower Mary DiSomma For the holidays, I turn my famous wedding macaron tower into an edible Christmas tree. Green-colored macaron shells are filled with a creamy gingerbread buttercream.

Peoria on map

Carry it With You

I left central Illinois in a five-seat hatchback packed to the brim with everything I could carry, and a few things I couldn’t—sweatshirts and memories, notebooks and the ideas in

ducks in flight

Everyone deserves to be led well

What does it take to be a good leader?  If you ask five people that question, you’ll likely get five different answers. Leaders share the vision and chart the course

Retirement compass concept

Everyone needs a retirement income roadmap

What does retirement mean to you? Do you dream of traveling, taking on a new hobby, spending time with the grandchildren or starting a business? No matter your goals, you

Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Even though there have been many efforts to ensure equality in the workplace, women leaders continue to face challenges and barriers while pursuing top leadership roles. Female executives still make

Businessman hand trying to stop dominoes. Protection finance from domino effect concept.

An Interview with Dr. David Cleeton

Dr. David Cleeton is chairman of the Department of Economics at Illinois State University. Welcome to Peoria Magazine’s Econ Corner, a recurring feature in which we pose questions to experts

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