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Passion, personal service, plenty of bait

Presley’s Outdoors is still worming its way into the hearts of sportsmen and women A local retail business not only fending off the corporate competition but succeeding? It’s enough to

Maybe I’m Amazed

Corn mazes confound – and thrive — in central Illinois

Photo of Ginger Cakes

A Ginger Cake to Remember

Ginger is one of the most prized spices in the world. But I hadn’t fully understood how special fresh ginger root is until I took a trip to India, where

Major Improvements Coming to River City Roadways

City residents will soon get a reprieve from road construction and repairs, but many projects remain ongoing or in the design stage. One such involves a major conversion of Jefferson

Peoria Heights Eyeballs Game-Changing Capital Projects

Peoria Heights officials are optimistic that planned road improvements will spur additional economic development to take the village to the next level. Rebuild Illinois and the Illinois Department of Transportation’s

Havanans are Looking Up

Old water tower, at 133 years and counting, may have tourism potential as Mason County’s own little Eiffel

A replica of the sculpture by Auguste Rodin, made form wire with the text "Challenge: take a week and truly dissect your thinking

A Penny – Maybe More — For Your Thoughts?

Here’s a question for you.  How much thought do you give to your thoughts? I confess there was a time in my leadership journey when I never considered my thoughts. You’re

The Washington Way

Neighborly reputation, hometown character, rich history distinguish this growing Tazewell County town

Business News in Brief

Business News – In Brief | October 2022

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Here’s to the Dreamers and Doers

Welcome to Peoria Magazine’s Infrastructure and Architecture edition, dedicated to those who first imagine, then build. Obviously, I chose a profession that allows me to construct with words as my

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