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Success is a marathon, not a sprint

RC Outfitter’s Adam White is that rare bird: A Downtown retailer RC Outfitters is a retail destination in Downtown Peoria.


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Andelos Demetrious designs

The Demetriou Plan

Today’s history lesson: Once upon a time, Peoria found the ‘recipe for getting things done’ to ‘get the city standing tall’ Of all the redevelopment blueprints commissioned by the City

An empty lot awaiting development at State Street and SW Washington

‘They paved paradise, and put up a parking lot’

Songwriter Joni Mitchell was clear in her sentiments, but does Downtown Peoria need more asphalt, less, or something in between? Reader quiz: Does Downtown Peoria have: A) too much parking

Peoria Basketball Feature

The golden era of Peoria hoops

For 15 years, Peoria went ‘eye to eye with any basketball town in America,’ says Chicago-area author About 35 years have passed since the beginning of the greatest era of

Devotion to Downtown

Two churches rooted in the central city minister to the immediate neighborhood At a time when some churches are closing their doors due to a decade-long drop in people in

The band Butta plays at Kenny’s Westside Pub in Peoria

‘Pay the cover,’ let your ‘mind be blown’

A few key players are keeping Downtown Peoria’s live music scene alive, and there’s something for everyone What’s that noise coming from Peoria’s Downtown? It’s a live music scene that


An Interview with Steve Raquel

Welcome back to Peoria Magazine’s Econ Corner, a recurring feature in which we pose questions to experts about various economic issues and how they affect our lives and careers here

Downtowns, like people, have their phases

I’ve gone through my fair share of phases, some better than others. My Rat Pack phase in college was a real classy time. I wore vintage clothes and listened almost

The New Normal

Uptown Normal raises the bar on what’s possible in urban redevelopment At its simplest and most functional, Normal’s Uptown Circle resolves a troublesome intersection of streets in the town’s historic

Thyme Kitchen

The spice is right

Saffron Social is next up for Travis Mohlenbrink, one of central Illinois’ most imaginative restaurateurs If Travis Mohlenbrink had a dream job, it would be as a full-time restaurant cook.

Kelly Seed Peoria

Bridging the rural/urban divide

When Doug Oberhelman pledged in 2015 that Caterpillar would build a new headquarters in Downtown Peoria, the first thing the CEO did was to reassure the enthusiastic crowd in attendance

Peoria Loses a Pizza Titan

Is there pizza in heaven? If so, Jim Agatucci is serving it with a smile Jim Agatucci looked at me as if I were nuts. This was a few years

Business News in Brief

Business News – In Brief | March 2023

HIRES AND RETIRES Jessica Linder Gallo is the new vice president of operations at the Peoria Area Chamber of Commerce. A native of Morton, Gallo returns to central Illinois after

Peoria Civic Center

Breathing new life into Peoria’s Downtown

Peoria Civic Center General Manager Rik Edgar has presided over record sales and sold-out shows Will it play in Peoria? If you ask Peoria Civic Center General Manager Rik Edgar,

Owner B.J. Allgeyer pauses inside Jiggs’ Cardinal Inn in the west-central Illinois village of Alexis.

Whatever happened to Shanghai City?

A 19th century twister took out the town, but left a popular bar B.J. Allgeyer wonders if his tavern in Alexis has a superpower. Does it really repel tornados? “That’s

Andy Driscoll in an empty room in the Maxam Building

The sounds of silence in Downtown Peoria

Downtown businessman Andy Driscoll wants to fill that void and get the maximum out of his MAXAM Building Empty buildings across the Downtown Peoria landscape have been a drag on

Commerce and Compassion, finding a balance

Regarding Downtown’s homeless population, ‘a little respect can go a long way,’ but it cuts both ways John Kittinger sees two faces of Downtown homelessness. There’s the glower from business

Michael Freilinger is president and CEO of the Downtown Development Corporation

The captains behind the curtain

Peoria’s Downtown Development Corporation acts as a ‘quick reaction force’ for getting things done in city’s center Peoria’s Downtown Development Corporation has no publicly elected board members, it cannot make

Kert Huber

Saving old buildings is ‘in his blood’

From 401 Water to 416 Main, developer Kert Huber has left a mark on Downtown as few others have If there has been a king of Downtown development over the

Vintage Photo Peoria Downtown

Reviving Downtown

We’ve done it before. Can we do it again? “Downtown was the center of everything … The streets were thronged … People window-shopped along Main Street or lined up for

Zion Coffee

Cultivating a Coffee Experience

Zion Coffee Bar was among the first businesses to take a chance on Downtown’s Warehouse District Asked to describe Zion Coffee Bar, employee Kaitlyn Lucas didn’t hesitate. “It’s a modern