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August 2023

Social media, its promises and perils

Many parents are concerned about what all that phone time is doing to their children, and wonder how best to deal with it Social media usage is a part of virtually every adolescent’s life in this country and yet little is known about its effects on young, developing brains, despite

Safe and Sound

School safety starts with students’ mental health, say local educators If you gathered a roundtable of school administrators and teachers to discuss school safety, you might expect the discussions to center around security technologies and enhanced safety protocols. While those measures are vitally important and being addressed in detail by
Principal Nikki Giosta hugs a student at South Side Christian Academy

The 3 Rs and a Bible

South Side Christian Academy is producing results and growing along with them Nestled in a corner partially surrounded by woods in an unincorporated area of Peoria County sits South Side Christian Academy, now in its seventh year. On the walls inside the building are positive messages and themes reflecting the

Assessing Kindergarten-through-12th Grade Education in the Peoria area

Kindergarten-through-12th grade education plays a crucial role in shaping the future of students and communities. This assessment aims to evaluate the quality of education in the Peoria, Illinois metropolitan area relative to its school peers statewide. Additionally, we will delve into the specific challenges faced by the school districts in
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